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For each watch, we plant a tree

We have reforested more than 2,500 trees and we are continue doing it

Planted trees

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12,5 ha

Feel Wood Watches colabora con la reforestación de la Tierra

The importance of saving the planet

Have you heard that trees are the lung of the planet? We explain the reason. Human needs oxygen to breathe, and the trees produces it. Not only they help people breathe, they also create a oxygen for animals and wildlife.

Forests only cover 31% of the Earth and unfortunately humans are destroying and deforesting them every year. 15 billion trees are destroyed each year and we plant about 10 billion. So if we continue in this way, trees will dissapear, right? We are the most intelligent living beings in the world and we are destroying our main source of oxygen... It seems like a joke but it is what is happening right now!

Grupo One Tree Planted plantando árboles

A project to raise awareness in society

When we started this project we were clear about what our objective was. We want to raise awareness in society about the importance of preserving the environment. Only in this way, together we will help politicians, businessmen and all the humans make responsible decisions taking care the planet welfare.

In Feel Wood Watches, every time a purchase of our watches is made, we allocate part of our gains to tree reforestation collaborating with One Tree Planted. It is a charity founded in 2014 formed for volunteers (individuals, businesses, schools) who donate and volunteer to plant trees around the world. For each watch, we plant one or more trees and we have currently planted more than 2,500 trees in Australia, Amazon, Brazil and Uganda. We will try our best to plant around the world!


1,000 trees

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500 trees

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Reforestation map

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