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64,46 €

If you are looking for commodity, lightness, sustainability and elegance, Black Sonder Blueberry is your watch. Made from sustainable red sandal wood and sustainable leather strap. You can easily change its strap to suit any occasion. The perfect accessory for a modern and determined man.

59,50 €

Reloj de madera elaborado con bambú. Sus tonos suaves y naturales reflejan la tranquilidad y la belleza de los bosques. Un reloj ideal para los que amamos la naturaleza y apostamos por la sostenibilidad. 

64,46 €

Sportive wooden watch but at the same time pure elegance without sacrificing the design. This is exactly Black Sonder Green Forest, made from sustainable redsandal wood and genuine nubuck leather strap environmentally friendy. The perfect watch for daily use with a special connection with nature.

64,46 €

White Sonder Blueberry is a classic watch made from sustainable redsandalwood. Simplicity and elegance. White face with cd lines, red seconds hand combined with silver and a navy blue strap made of nubuck leather. The perfect combination.

64,46 €

3,2,1…Boom! White Sonder Green Forest is the wooden watch that make you feel as if you were into the woods. Take always with you a small piece of nature,  handcrafted from natural and sustainable materials. Don’t think about it twice! One more click and we will bring you home this treasure and we will plant a tree for you. Do you join Feel Wood family?

80,99 €

Limited Edition Olive and Marble Feel Wood wooden watch makes no one indifferent. Handcrafted with olive Wood and natural Green marble, makes it a unique peace of nature. Environmentally friendly, elegant and sustainable. Are you ready for it?

69,42 €

Black Sonder Wood es un reloj con mucha personalidad. Está hecho con madera reciclada de sándalo rojo, procedente de fuentes renovables y sostenibles. Sorprende por su ligereza y comodidad, pero sobretodo resaltan las diferentes tonalidades que adquiere por las vetas de la madera, consiguiendo que cada reloj sea único y singular.

61,16 €

Black Sonder Cork, the most sustainable wooden watch due to its innovative vegan cork strap. Designed specially for nature lovers. Take it everywhere because you represent Feel Wood better than no one.

73,55 €

¡Welcome to the revolution of materials! This Black Sonder with piñatex strap, a vegan leather made from recycled pineapple leafs. This wooden watch is design, innovation and sustainability. Made for people who care about the future and the environment. 100% vegan.

69,42 €

Dale un aire fresco a y renovado a tu look con el nuevo Big Kalinaw Wood. Su tonalidad de madera clara y su sorprendente ligereza convierten a este reloj en una auténtica joya de la naturaleza.